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About Do Surveys 4 Cash

Do Surveys for cash is an online based community where consumers gather and share opinions about products and services on the market. Such feed back is what helps companies and small businesses in Decision making. Consumers are big influencers in Service and product delivery.

When did do surveys 4 cash start?

Do surveys 4 Cash started operating in 2017 up to date with the same culture and mission. Its a bootstrapped business determined to empower small businesses and consumers globally.

Which countries is do surveys 4 cash available?

Do Surveys 4 Cash did not limit is potential. We do not have boarders and we aim at empowering small businesses globally. We are active in more than 60 countries and counting.


It is absolutely free to join Do Surveys 4 cash. You simply need a few details like email (which is free) and some few personnal information of yours and register free.

which info is needed from me?

Please note that we may only need your full names and a few details ( non confidential) like country to have your account set to receive relevant information.

Please note that we do not need senstive information from you as a user. We urge to keep our environment safe as much as we can. To emphasize this, you are free to create an email absolutely for our offers and to enable you join the platform. We do not need any personal information from you at all.

can i become a millionaire out of this?

100% NO! We will never make you a millionaire. Actually you will never have a steady flow of extra cash with Do Surveys 4 Cash. We are absolutely an extra time rewards programme that helps you to make your free time worthy. You will earn rewards and Yes some extra bucks always with us but we really can't make you a millionaire.

will i earn rewards from this?

Absolutely yes. You will earn rewards from the tasks taken in the app and on the site. You collevt points and in this casse we mainly have a virtual currency known as Vans and you accumulate them which you will redeem for rewards that include cash, airtime, data , vouchers,paypal,skrill,ewalets, mpesa. mobile money...

how much are vans worth?

Vans are virtual currency we mainly use in this platform. you acn convert them to your local currency to have a good undersatnding of your earnings. Vans worth is $1= 3000 vans  and can increase or decrease slightly depending on factors.