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You do not need to be an IT expert to do surveys. You do not need a Boss.

You do not need a work place. You can do surveys from anywhere at

any time!

You set your own time to do surveys. This means you have control

of your schedule.This opportunity is also best for work from Homers 

Want to see how it works?

Take this free survey and stand a chance to win 1000 vans in your account. Disclaimer. KFC has been used as a relevant example for emphasis and may not be sponsoring the survey by the time you are reading this.

Full name  
Phone number   
Have you visited KFC?  
Which meal did you buy?  
How was your experience with us?  
How would you rate us out of 10?  
Would you recommend KFC to a Friend?  
Is there any where we need to improve?  

you don't need super powers to earn extra cash.enjoy the video!


Each member that signs up gets a unique Referal Code.  This code can be used to refer friends to join this amazing extra income generating Company. You get paid for each referral directly to your survey account. You do not have to worry about making follow ups about who signed up under your referral Code ID. It is automatically detected in our brilliant Software system and the funds are allocated to your survey account. What not to miss out! Each brilliant opinion per survey can pay up to $100. This is called the Bonus cash. It is shared by the direct referral ID. This means that the surveyor with the brilliant opinion gets $50 and the Referal, she/he signed under, gets $50. That is the power of the Referal Code. It is such a strong point to make use of a referral Code


Each referral sign up you get paid instantly to your survey account

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How do we pay our members?

At do surveys for cash, we pay our members in different ways. These options include Paypal, Skrill,Bank transfer, mobile money , western union amongst  others. You are free to choose which option is convinient depending on your country of residence.



  • Online surveys

  • Web testing

  • Polls and Ad Clicks

  • Video ads and so much more

Enjoy our amazing brilliant app

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