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      Do surveys 4 Cash is an innovative bootsrapped business for small businesses to empower them swim with the big fish.

       We create innovative digital products to help small businesses smoothen their brands, get brand awareness and get more customers. The company started in 2017 as a solepreneurship powered company and still is 100% at this time.

Do surveys 4 Cash powers 100s of businesses around the world and motivates 1000s of customers with incentives as well globally. We’re headquartered in SA in the capital (ONLINE) with a few agents around the world. 

In 2017, after engaging in various internet businesses, the gap between Consumers and Service providers and product manufacturers sparkled and rang a bell to Ivan's ears. There needed to be a product on the market that can connect customers and sellers under one platform. The fact is,there is no perfection. This means there should have been a platform to help companies on decision making based on insights from the real prey (customers). Ofcourse if you need real answers and feedback you should ask people who actually use your products. That is the main reason why Ivan developed Do Surveys 4 Cash. Ofcourse there were similar businesses in some countries. But imagine a product like Do Surveys 4 Cash that offers this for small businesses that could not afford 1000s of dollars!  

In 2018,Ivan registered Do surveys 4 cash under Opinion world PTY. Mainly a market research and ad agency. Basically this is the platform that helps consumers get something back from their service providers via Do Surveys 4 Cash.


In the very same year, we managed to launch our very initial simple app Do surveys 4 cash which has under gone changes till to date when it has become one of the most popular apps in the online survey sector. By the time you are reading this, we could be #1ranking app in the sector because we saw it coming. Hard work pays , do you agree?


Since the app launch, what happened there after was just extra ordinary. Was it grace? We have got 1000s and 1000s of downloads all free downloads completely. Remember we are a bootstrapped business. The app gets 100s of daily downloads and the reviews are just something to be proud of. Transparency and comittment has pushed us this far in the online surveys business.


In the very same year. Around Novemeber, Do surveys 4 cash partnered with google as an ad-partner and which sky-rocketed amazingly fine. Late 2018, we were proven and officially an ad-partner with Google. You know how it feels don't you? Yes if it wasn't we would't decorate that word Google! 


Our mission

Empowering consumers and Businesses under one platform!

Our app is aimed at heping consumers earn incentives from their free time actually anywhere using your smart phone or computer. Aren't you tired of using social media that does not give you a cent! Aren't you? Then this is a platform for you. Any one can join absolutely free and earn rewards. 


Business owner? Its time to make great brilliant decision making from now on which is affordable. Stop guessing what your customers need. They are here ready to ask them anything and in just a click, you have the answers!


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