Legit Survey sites that pay cash

Legit Survey sites that pay cash : The Best advice to paid surveys



Paid Surveys is one of the best and if not the easiest way to earn free cash online without actually any need to have prior knowledge or any background about online or internet business. 

This actually makes it the easiest means to jump into and start making some extra cash from anywhere just from your mobile phone. 

It should also be noted that you will not get rich quick from doing online surveys. Online surveys should be considered as an extra  means of making online cash from your mobile. 


How much do online surveys pay?


Online surveys usually Pay on average $2 per survey.  This means you can earn from as low as $0.05 per survey up to $3 per survey depending on LOI meaning Length of Interview . The higher the length of the survey, the more the chances it will pay more.


If a Survey app or company is promising you abnormal amounts of rewards from a single survey, you should definitely think twice about that!


How to spot a Legit survey website or app?


Spotting a legit survey site or  app is actually easy. There are a few things you can put into consideration when deciding on which survey site to actually join. And here are the few of the things to put into consideration when choosing a site to partner with to share your opinion . You should also understand that your Opinion is also worth it and you should also value it too!.

Website/App Design and Content:


Let's be realistic here. When you open a website, there can be two things that come into mind, you are either amazed by the website or its a complete turn off . Have a look at this website here  


How amazing is it to know that this is the website you work with. You are not ashamed of even telling a friend to tell a friend about it.  If a website is a TURN OFF then I wouldn't advise you to even give it a benefit of a doubt. Stay away from it.  

If a website is definitely going to reward you, it should reward itself first with at least some polish on it . 

Security Wise:


Google, and other search engines have rolled on in new algorithms in regards to security of the web. For Example websites protocols are changing and by now if a website is not actually pointing with HTTPS run for your life! LOL stay away from it . There is no big deal with risking your privacy and sharing your data with un secure sites that may not be legit and may not be in position to store your data safely.  The security concern is a big topic overall and we will tackle it some time in a full article .


In conclusion, if you are looking for online surveys that pay cash Do Surveys 4 Cash has all the qualities we have talked about to help you earn extra cash from taking paid surveys online